About HALO

HALO is all about giving... giving you more time, more space, and more energy; giving you more control over your environment and your schedule; and giving you enjoyment of your home and life again.


Meet Beverley, the angel behind HALO...

"Few things come more naturally to me than organising - I love it, and I get energised from it! Lists, details, research and preparation, schedules, sorting, and just generally planning stuff - this is my DNA. 

My love of order, structure, and being in control made my transition into unstructured crazy parenthood particularly challenging, and I'm continually meeting women who share similar experiences. I know how chaotic and overwhelming a massive life change can be, and how valuable an objective third party can be to help steady the ship. This is what feeds my passion to share my lessons learnt and my organising skills with people who need a helping hand. I love to work with people, teaching and sharing my skills along the way, and not just come in and 'do it all for you' which would potentially leave you back in the same position in a couple of months.

I have over 12 years' experience as an analyst in the corporate world, over 5 years' experience running this business, and participate in ongoing professional development through AAPO, iCALM, and IABPP. 

I believe all problems are solvable - all you need is your roadmap to success. Let me help you find your way!"


Contact Beverley today, and enjoy your home and life again! 


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