Having a baby is definitely one of the biggest life changes we experience. Everything we know about how to manage our time and space seems to go out the window, and we can be left feeling overwhelmed with unfamiliar chaos. (This was certainly my experience - and the main reason I chose to work with expecting mums and young families!)

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As I say to all my clients, regardless of their life stage - being organised is not about having everything neat and tidy all the time or having everything perfectly under control. It is about having space and systems set up around you which help you to live well, avoid stress, and enjoy your home and life. This may not seem achievable for a new parent, but here are my 3 little secrets to show you how...

Secret # 1: A new definition of "organised"

The most important thing is to manage your expectations. We already know that being organised is not about being neat and tidy, but we also need to redefine what being organised means in this new context. The way your space and life worked before bubs came along is not going to work for you now - you need to rethink your space and systems to suit your new way of life. What is going to make your life easier? What are the causes of stress or frustration for you? Consider new ways of doing things - perhaps rearranging the furniture so that your space works better for you, doing grocery shopping online if getting out of the house is a stressful exercise, and a big one that many new mums struggle with... ask for help! Don't assume your hubby / mum / best friend knows what you need help with.

Secret # 2: A place and purpose for everything

You know the old saying "a place for everything and everything in its place"? Well I like to add "a purpose for everything and everything serving its purpose". This means
- having a designated place to put your keys, handbag, travel change mat, etc, so that you can always find what you need when you need it
- AND not having anything in your home and life which serves no purpose, or wastes your time, space or energy. These are very precious resources, especially now, so anything that consumes them better be worth it!

Secret # 3: Flexibility is key

This might seem a bit contradictory - you may expect an organised person's schedule to run like clockwork, but remember we are talking about space and systems to help you live well, avoid stress, and enjoy your home and life. Expect the unexpected, be prepared for things not going according to plan, and don't over-schedule your day. Having a loose structure to your day allows you to flow through your schedule much easier, without the stress of running late or trying to get stuff ticked off your to-do list.

So that's it! My 3 little secrets to being a more organised new mum. All you need to do is - manage your expectations on what it means to be organised during this stage of life, have a place and purpose for everything around you, and allow yourself some flexibility, and you will feel so much more relaxed and on top of things!

If you would like more tips and tricks on how to get more organised with a little one, I am running a 1 hour workshop on Wednesday 17 September in Preston - why not get your mums group together and benefit from the group booking discount! More details and bookings here.